ORT JTAG: HTC Desire S USB ile Unlock, IMEI, Samsung I9100 EFS Repair

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ORT JTAG ile artık HTC Desire S akıllı telefonuna USB üzerinden (küçük bir Test Point yaparak) Unlock ve IMEI değiştirme desteği ve Samsung I9100 EFS Repair desteği ekledi.

Description :

  • HTC Desire S Repair Dead Boot / Unlock / IMEI Change / CID Change by USB
  • Samsung GT-I9100 EFS Repair
    • Special Thanks to : YaSSaX
Release Notes:

  • HTC Desire S Dump Uploaded
  • HTC Desire S eMMC TP / USB Repair English
  • HTC Desire S eMMC TP / USB Repair Chinese
  • Samsung GT-I9100 Repair File Revised / EFS Repair Added [ Please re-download ]
Repairing HTC Desire S with USB

  • Phone should be in dead state or eMMC Should be replaced
    • You can also use eMMC TP to put phone into blank state for temporary
  • Connect Battery and USB Cable
  • Phone should search for Qualcomm Drivers
  • Install Qualcomm Drivers "C:\Program Files\ORT\drivers\Qualcomm"
  • Download Repair File "Desire_S.ort"
  • Place in phones folder
  • Start ORT Plus Latest Version
  • Select Desire S by USB
  • Click Scan
  • Select Port / Qualcomm Device
  • Click OK
  • Install ORT Qualcomm Drivers
  • Drivers Are located " C:\Program Files\ORT\drivers\ORTQualcommUSB "
  • Go to one button repair TAB
  • Select HTC - Desire S
  • Click Repair
  • Your Phone is succesfully repaired
EFS Repair for Samsung GT-I9100

  • It works only in case your EFS Area is Damaged for unknown baseband
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