Samsung s3 i9300 &Note2 N7100 boot repair


Samsung s3 i9300 &Note2 N7100 boot repair

* Download samsung s3 boot card maker Here

* Extract it on desktop

* Take a card reader insert memory card into the card reader nd connect it to the pc

* From the extracted folder run Diskdump2.exe

* Select generic storage Device. pictures below follw it

* Now to write the scripts folle the below given picr

Now done yu are succesfully created Dead boot memorycard

To continue further


* Z3X samsung Box or SPT Box (i used z3x)

* special UART Cable (300k or 500k uartcable)

* Download teraterm-4.78 From Here

* Fully charged battery

Dead boot Reapairing procedure

* Download nd extract teraterm-4.78 on desktop

* From extracted folder run ttermpro.exe there select serial port nd change the serial port to z3x serial
port lik below givin in the picr

*After Select The Serial Port Press Ok Button den Go To Setup Click Serial Port Option
Select Baud Rate 115200 Then Press Ok Button lik below givn in the picr

* Now insert the created boot card to the mobile

* Connect the Uart cable via z3x box

* Now Insert the battery nd wait for 5min if the procces didnt start discnnt the mobile close ttermpro agin try it.

* if it run success yu vil the result below given lik this.

pit_check_integrity: invalid pit.(0x0)
pit_check_integrity: invalid pit.(0x0)
update_guid_partition_table: There is no pit binary.
fsd_reclaim 1283: MST is not recognized(mst.magic=0x0)
fsd_reclaim 1284: MST is not recognized
fsd_reclaim 1599: Error(nErr=0x0)
fsd_reclaim 1604: j4fs_rw_start is set to default value(128KB)
j4fs_open 153: Error(nErr=0x40000000)
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
load_j4fs_param: 'param.j4fs' does not exist, make new one..
j4fs_write_file_bootloader 184: j4fs panic
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
load_j4fs_param: debug level file does not exist..*INCORRECT!*
init_fuel_gauge: battery is not detected, do not init fuelgauge
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL1:0x1b
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL1:0x1b
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL2:0x3b
init_microusb_ic: MUIC: CONTROL2:0x3a
PMIC_ID = 0x2
PMIC_IRQ1 = 0x27
PMIC_IRQ2 = 0x0
s5p_check_keypad: keypad value=0x0
s5p_check_reboot_mode: INFORM3 = 0 ... skip
s5p_check_upload: MAGIC CODE=d1b0f038
microusb_get_attached_device: STATUS1:0x3c, 2:0x0
s5p_check_download: update mode=0
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
s5p_check_tzsw: invalid tzsw type! dummy?
scr_draw_image: draw 'download_error.jpg'...
j4fs_read_file_bootloader 355: j4fs panic
read_param_file: 'download_error.jpg' j4fs read failed!
fimd_div:13, div:1, FB_SOURCE_CLOCK:800000000, FB_PIXEL_CLOCK:57153600
a2, 60, 90,

* if yu get this error at the end [Patch Stop] This is not Rom Code. yu cant fix yur mobile yu have to change yur emmc chip

TN default
[DVFS] INT(1) : 0
[DVFS] MIF(3) : 0
[LOCK SW/HW]ARM:0/0 INT:0/0 G3D:0/0 MIF:0/0 SHIFT:0/0
[DVFS] ARM(0) : 5
[DVFS] INT(1) : 0
[DVFS] G3D(2) : 0
[DVFS] MIF(3) : 0
SD_READ: 20000 20000 0x40008000 -> 668484 usec
Inp32(uAddr) : 0xea00007e
FW Booting
[Patch Stop] This is not Rom Code.
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